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As an oldie but newbie in this world of fashion, I was informed that the world wants to know who is Rosemarie Macklin? Therefore, let me start by saying I am a proud Jamaican woman. I take pride in knowing that my humble start in life was from the busy city streets of Kingston; where fashion was an everyday aspiration. Back then, Jamaicans were always waiting for new styles to come from overseas. As a young girl, I cannot recall the names of any Jamaican fashion designers. Yet still, the Jamaican community from then until now is infatuated by fashion. I am the daughter of a Reggae legend by the name of Glenmore Brown and the first daughter of a Jamaican culinary chef – Tulice Wray. My mom and aunts were divas of the 70’s, and as a young girl, I looked forward to watching them get dressed up. I marveled in their feminine display as they organized their full ensemble for that evening. I can remember my mom saying, “you can recognize a real lady by the attention to detail she puts into making an appearance.” Although we were far from rich, my mother instilled in all her girls that before leaving home, look in the mirror as that’s how the world will view you. Her message to us was to dress and look your best always. I strive to design garments that can be worn by women who want to make statements, women who are not afraid to make changes. Later in life, I realized that’s the reason why most Caribbean homes have a mirror right at the front door. These are fashion tips and insight that a girl like me wouldn’t and will never forget.

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