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  1. We are  an online store full of all great Shea Butter products that will make your skin soft and smell so good.  Our products moisturize like no other.  All products are made with Natural Organic Oils.  When they are put on your body you know it from morning to night.  You will smell good while being well moisturized.  We also have Lip Gloss that does the same thing.I got tired of going to the store buying what they called moisturizers and within an hour I needed to put on more lotion or cream.  To get what I really wanted I had to spend too much money and it did half the job. So I decided to add natural oils to what I would buy.  I started with my hair which was the hardest job to moisturize.  So every product i would buy I would doctor it up by adding natural organic oils.  Then way later in life I finally thought if i can do that with my hair why not my body.  I have very sensitive skin so I made a face moisturizer that helped me stop wearing makeup everyday. I made a body cream that stayed on all day.   I started making my own creams and they were so good I decided to share them with some friends and they convinced me that I need to sell them.  The scented Shea Butters smell so good you think you are at a bakery.  You gonna  want to taste some of them.So now my dream is to share the softness and moisturizers with all women.  We have products for your face, hair, body and lips.  We have 10 different scents of Body Butter and 3 different colors of Lip Gloss.  Enjoy!
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